Resultater NM Snøballkast 2005.

Jenter 12 år.
51,31 Kristina Kristianslund, Bækkelaget SK (314)
43,96 Hang Hoang, Nittedal (315)
40,65 Maiken Skoie Brustad, Tyrving (316)

Jenter 13 år.
54,40 Lene Emilie Vik, IF Sturla (317)
50,79 Isabelle Pedersen, Laksevåg Turn og IL (319)
42,77 Camilla Norbye, IL Tyrving (318)

Jenter 14 år.
51,92 Iselin Skullerud, Nittedal IL (320)
51,91 Ingunn Lode, Elnesvågen OI (322)
48,22 Silje Nordtveit, Stord 91 (321)

Gutter 12 år.
47,04 Filip Ingebrigtsen, Sandnes IL Friidrett (324)
46,50 Sindre Henriksen, Bjørndal IF (325)
45,94 Ole Guterud, IL Norna Salhus (323)

Gutter 13 år.
56,06 Håvard Sundt Solberg, Lånke IL (326)
55,29 Harald Kårbø, Bremnes (327)
48,34 John Hoffmann, IL i BUL (328)

Gutter 14 år.
74,33 Tobias Strand Johansen, Gjovik (329)
69,15 Kristian Gudmestad Salte, Bryne FIK (330)
60,29 Vetle Aasland, Askim IF Friidrett (331) William Shakespeare born 1564 dead 1616 William Shakespeare was an English poet and actor. He is considered(betraktes) the greatest English-language author. He is called England's national poet and "the scale"(skalden) Probably the most significant/greatest actor in the world. His plays have been recorded for over 500 years and he is still the most played dramatist in the world. The plays are translated into all major languages ??and performed more often than other drama's plays. He married when he was 18 with Anne Hathaway Got 3 children, including twins They got a daughter 6 months after the wedding. One of the twins died for unknown reasons 11 years old. It was his only son. He travels to London about 1590 and became a successful actor, author and a part owner of an actor company. His early plays were mostly comedies. Later he wrote many tragedies, including the most famous Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet At the end of his life he wrote tragicomedies He also wrote many historical dramas and some adventure games/pieces. His dad was a successful glove maker and city councilor His mother was the daughter of a wealthy landowner and farme He was the oldest surviving son in the family and had 7 siblings The curriculum at the school was dictated by law and he had to learn Latin. From 1994 Shakespeare's pieces were only performed by Lord Chamberlain's Men, a company owned by a group of actors, including Shakespeare, who soon became the leading actor company in London. After Queen Elisabeth died in 1603, the company was rewarded with a royal patent by the new King James I, and they changed their name to King's Men. 1599 the Globe was built. This was a theater with space for 3,000 spectators. The theater had a scene that was under the open sky. It burned down in 1613 The Globe Theater was reopened by Queen Elisabeth 2 in 1996 with great fuss and fireworks. Shakespeare's investments indicate he did well. In 1597 he bought the second largest house in Stratford. Shakespeare continued to play in his own and in other plays after he became successful as a dramatist. There are many things that are not sure about Shakespeare. Do not know exactly the date of birth. There are many theories and guesses about what he did in periods and much more .. After 1606-1607, Shakespeare wrote fewer actors In his will Shakespeare left the largest part of his large properties to his eldest daughter Susanna The terms gave instructions that she would give them further intact to "the first son of her body" She got a daughter, Elizabeth, who got married twice without having children, and thus ended the Shakespeare's direct lineage. His wife got "my second best bed", a testament that has led to much speculation. Was interpreted both positively and negatively. Insult or marriage bed and thus rich in meaning The grave stone that covering his grave is inscribed with a curse(forbannelse) to remove his bones. He wrote 38 plays and his 154 sonets(a strict and solid poetic stub form)(en streng og fast poetisk strofe form). There is little documentation about many things of his life and incredible speculation. In fact, he became more and more famous in the 1800s and until today. "To be, or not to be" William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. To be, or not to be, that is the question:

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